30-Day Song Challenge Day 9

Today’s song choice is a little timely, I guess, as we just heard it during the Super Bowl and the artist was just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (And those who do not believe he belongs there can just go away. I’m not arguing with you anymore.)

Prompt for Day 9: “A song that makes you happy.”

I have no idea why this song jumped into my head when I read this prompt, but it did. And I have to go with my gut for most of these. When Eminem came out during the halftime show, I was screaming and dancing around the room (much to the dismay of the dog I was petsitting, lol). I grew up in Toledo, an hour south of Detroit. So Eminem has always felt local to me. (Detroit has the better radio stations.) And I just fell in love with him and his work and his dedication to both his hometown and his craft.

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When the movie 8 Mile was being filmed, we heard almost daily updates on the radio stations. Granted, a lot of the time it was the traffic delays. I was always so glad that my commute ended right at the Michigan-Ohio line, so I wasn’t affected. But it was exciting to hear about it.

And then the movie came out. How fun was it to see some familiar locations on the big screen. I also remembered being at St. Andrew’s Hall for a Lemonheads concert. When they were done, you could hear something going on downstairs, that I now realize could have been one of these rap battles.

Maybe Eminem was even down there? LOL

This was well before he was famous, and most likely not, but still fun to think of, right?

“Lose Yourself” was all over the radio even before the movie came out. When my sister and her friend and I finally went to see the movie, I already knew all of the words. It was so much fun to dance and rap in our seats.

There’s just something about the song that makes me happy and I can’t put my finger on it.

And to think this song and movie are turning 20 this year. Blows my mind. Makes me feel old. But still makes me happy.

Listen and enjoy.

What are some songs that make you happy?

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