30-Day Song Challenge Day 7

Ah, road trips. Do you remember those? I think it’s actually almost four years since I went on one, which is kind of sad. But when I did, I always had all of the tunes with me. The prompt for the seventh day of this 30-Day Song Challenge is “A song to drive to.”

There are so many great driving songs. I can think of a few by Pearl Jam that are good. But if you want an entire album that makes for great driving music, I vote for Eve 6’s debut album.

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The particular song that stands out for me on this album is of course “Inside Out.” From those opening chords and first lines, you’re being primed to just get moving. You cannot help but sing along, belting out the words as loud as you can, not giving a damn if you can sing or not.

(I’m actually not too bad a lot of the time, but don’t ask me to sing in front of you anymore.)

I’ll even often put this song on repeat. I still hear it on the radio on occasion and am always sad when it ends, because I just want it to keep on going. And I want my car to keep on going, because for the past couple of years, I’m usually just going to work. And while I like my jobs, I would also still love to go on a road trip again.

So what about you? What are some of your favorite driving songs? Let me know!

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