30 Day Song Challenge: Day 2

It’s time for Day 2 of the 30 Day Song Challenge! Yesterday was a song with a color in the title. Today’s prompt is “A song you like with a number in the title.” Again, we have lots of choices, but my pick is a special one for me.

“One” by Metallica

I remember being entranced by Metallica as a kid. Something about that heavier metal sound attracted me. And this was also around the time that metal and grunge were both making into more of the mainstream along with hip-hop. My school dances would go from “Enter Sandman” to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” to “Step By Step” [NKOTB] and “U Can’t Touch This.” MTV still reigned supreme and we were blessed with all kinds of videos.

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I don’t remember the first time I heard “One” by Metallica or first saw the video. I do remember being somewhat confused by the video because it was clearly a mash up of them performing and this old movie.

A few years later when I was a junior in high school, we had to read the book “Johnny Got His Gun” by Dalton Trumbo for either English or American History. I forget which because the two classes purposely overlapped a lot. I fell madly in love with that book and have reread it over a dozen times.

At some point during our study of this book, I found out that the song “One” by Metallica was based upon this book. And then after that, it was fascinating to listen to the song, especially after having read it so many times. Conveniently my best friend and I were dating best friends who loved Metallica, so we heard it a lot. And *cough* years later, I still love it. It’s just so powerful, both the story and the music itself. The frenetic pace of the music so perfectly captures the chaos going on inside of Joe Bonham’s head as he figures out his predicament. Check out the video.

It’s even better if you have read the book. The movie is okay, but the book is best.

Rent it on Prime: https://amzn.to/3uZdXE2

What is one of your favorite songs with a number in the title?

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