Top 10 Posts of 2021

In 2021, I finally started writing more on here. It was still a slow go, thanks to COVID. If you’ve been here at all, you know that I have spent all of last year slowly recovering from a mild case that boomeranged back in a bad way at the end of 2020.

So I have gone back and collected the top 10 posts of the year. I have also shared some giveaways here, and I don’t count those. I am only counting my personal stories and maybe some book information that I have shared. Feel free to flash back with me along the way!

#10 My COVID Chronicles: One Year Later

One year later, I was doing much better, but still a long way to go. Read my whole summary of the year here.

#9 My COVID Chronicles: The Hair Loss

A lesser known side effect of COVID is hair loss. I have friends who lost so much hair, they had to get wigs. I ended up much luckier and still have a full head of super long hair, though it has thinned. Read my experience here.

#8 Reflecting on White Fragility: White Women’s Tears

Especially following the George Floyd murder, a lot of us started really pushing ourselves to learn more about ABAR instruction and self-reflection. Many of us started with White Fragility by Robin D’Angelo. (affiliate link) I shared many thoughts while I was reading the book. The chapter on White Women’s Tears was particularly eye-opening.

#7 What I Learned Reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Though the book had been out for a few years, I had not yet read The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. (affiliate link) I finally sat down with it last year. It was truly one of the most powerful novels I have ever read, and I learned a lot. I shared some of those thoughts here.

#6 My COVID Chronicles: 9 Weeks of COVID and Counting …

This was one of my early posts, just a couple of months into my COVID journey. Who knew it would last so long?

#5 New Years Journal Prompts for Personal Reflection

Whether you are kicking off your journaling for personal reflection right at the start of the calendar year, or wish to commence the process later on, these 31 journaling prompts will get you started. Includes a free, printable journal.

#4 30 Positive Affirmations for the Holidays

I have been all about the positive affirmations over the past year. I truly believe they make a difference. This list of 30 positive affirmations was sent out for the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years holiday, but can actually work for any holiday and family situation throughout the year.

#3 My COVID Chronicles: Contracting COVID

Lately, it seems like a lot of people are contracting COVID and don’t necessarily know how or from where they got it. My situation was very clear. I admit I’m still having some feelings over it. This is that story.

#2 Reflecting on White Fragility: Examples of White Privilege

One of the hardest things for us white people to understand is how often our white privilege comes into play. I thought I knew a lot of examples, but this chapter in the book really opened my eyes even more. I share some examples in this post.

#1 It’s Been 9 Years Since You Left Us

It’s hard for me to believe that my father has been gone for over a decade. That experience feels so fresh in my mind and yet so far away. This was something I wrote for his ninth anniversary, but it seemed to gain a lot more traction last year.

So that’s my wrap-up for the 2021 year. I have a lot more posts outlined and some handwritten. I hope to share a lot more over 2022 and want to thank you in advance for joining me on my journey.

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