Positive Affirmations for the Holidays

As much as we love the holidays, they can be a source of pronounced stress for a lot of us. Sometimes it’s just dealing with the chaos in your own household with your immediate family. Pressure from extended family members can mount when we butt heads over how to celebrate the holidays. We put added pressure on ourselves to make the holidays perfect. Perhaps you have some negative memories from your past that have soured the holidays for you, or other past trauma. What’s supposed to be the happiest time of year sometimes is not. Sometimes it helps to restructure your thoughts and approach to dealing with the holidays to help you have a more positive experience.

So here is a list of 30 positive affirmations for the holidays that you can try to use to make this holiday season more bearable and happier for you. Try to say one every day. Or find the ones that speak to you the most and repeat those to yourself every morning.

However you choose to use these, I wish you peace during this holiday season.

I have no control over difficult family members.


I let go of all that I cannot control.


Today I find the joy in the magic of the holiday season.


I feel completely at peace during this holiday season.


I set positive boundaries so I can have a peaceful holiday season.


This holiday season, I focus on its best parts: love, joy, winter beauty, and people that I love.


Happiness and joy is a gift I give myself.


This family drama is not mine. I am okay to walk away and let it all go.


I let go of painful memories that infringe on my enjoyment of the holiday season.


I feel merry and bright during this holiday season.


I create moments of joy whenever I choose.


This holiday season, I am centered, calm, and balanced.


I am living in the moment, which keeps me calm and sane.


Deep breaths help me stay calm and release tension.


This holiday stress is only temporary.


I am slowing down and taking care of myself this holiday season.


I am calm. I am at peace. I let go of all worry and anxiety.


Today I am grateful for all the joy I find during the holiday season.


I make myself a priority during this holiday season.


I forgive all of the difficult relatives who try to infringe on my calm and serenity during the holidays.


I respect and fulfill my needs during the holidays.


I find joy this holiday season by spending time with those who matter most.


I have no stress during this holiday season. I am at peace.


I make time for myself every day during the holidays.


Self-care is most important to me during the holiday season.


I let go of worry and anxiety over holiday planning. Everything will turn out as it is supposed to.


Today I live in the moment and let go of all worries, fears, and anxieties over the holiday season.


I am making healthy choices this season.


I feel all the joy and bliss of the holiday season. Joy fills my heart and my home.


I love myself enough to take the best care of myself no matter how stressful the holidays may become.


Tell me what speaks to you.

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