Stop Being a D!ck on the Food Pages

I know that people are on edge right now and have been. We’re all stressed out. But for some reason, that has made people decide it is okay to be an absolute jerk on social media. The latest to get hit are the food blog pages.

Seriously, FOOD PAGES!?

The number of people being complete asshats to these women is astounding. Someone doesn’t like a recipe, so they use a vomit emoji. Or someone else grew up with a different version of a recipe and tell the blogger that they are wrong. Another lovely one is when people talk about how unhealthy a recipe may be. Um, nowhere in their blog/page title or description does it say that they only share healthy foods. And then these women tirelessly and patiently point out that everything is okay in moderation.

They are better than I am. I think I would start blocking. They can afford it with the number of followers they have.

My favorite, though, has been over a recipe called Puppy Chow.  Apparently that is only a regional name for it. It’s the only name I knew when growing up. When I moved to New York, I finally heard it called Muddy Buddies. I have seen commenters refer to it by other names as well.

It is a delicious chocolate and peanut butter dessert snack made with Chex. It apparently resembles older versions of the dog food known as Puppy Chow, hence its name. But most of us understand it is a dessert for humans. And these pages only share recipes for humans. But there are dozens and dozens of dumbass commenters who hurry up and comment that chocolate kills dogs.

Does no one read anymore? The recipe post even explains the name and that it is only for humans. Yet they persist.

I have also seen people trying to dictate what is allowed to be posted on the person’s page. Um, not your page. Not your decision. I laugh when it is even something food-related they’re being told they can’t share.

Then there is another page who will post random questions to increase engagement. Every question she posts ends up going off the rails, usually politically. Did you know that taco toppings are political?

It makes me fucking crazy.

If you don’t like a recipe or a post, just scroll past. Better yet, just unfollow. We don’t need your negativity. And if you want to debate a recipe, make sure you have fully read the post before you start going off.

Just stop being a dick on the food pages.

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