Did we not learn from Dirty Dancing?

Every once in a while, I get all kinds of thoughts and emotions and they eventually just burst out of me. A couple of weeks ago, I had a rant about things happening down in Texas. This is a repost of what I said.

OK, the banning abortion issue. Did no one else pay attention in Dirty Dancing? Or am I the only one whose parents actually took the time to explain to her about the horrors of illegal abortion as it related to that movie?

Banning abortion isn’t going to end it. It is going to end SAFE abortions and we will start seeing worse than what Cynthia Rhodes’ character endured. She got lucky but so many others did not. You really want to go back to wire hangers and vacuums?

I wish people could go ahead and have their kids. But it is none of my business what other women do with their bodies. I have had friends who had abortions for a variety of reasons and I have stood by them every single time. I never had the opportunity to have to make that decision for myself. I don’t know that I could go through with it, but my body makes tumors and not babies. (I am currently carrying quadruplets.) And I will tell you that none of the people I know who have had abortions made the decision lightly.

I also used to babysit for someone whose OB/GYN clinic did abortions on the weekends while I watched their boys. I remember when I found out, I cried on the phone talking to my father. I hated that they were doing it, and I hated that I already knew my body could not produce babies, so I could never be faced with that awful decision. But at the same time, I was so grateful that those women who had struggled with such a decision had a safe place to go. And as weird as those people were, they had the best interests of their patients at heart.

And men especially really cannot and should be dictating to women what to do with their bodies. You grunt, grunt, spooge and are done with it. I also know plenty of women who have had children who get no support. And to those who say, “Well, the man has to pay child support,” let me tell you, there are a million loopholes and a lot of men manage to shirk their responsibiities. I know plenty of single moms who have been fucked over by the system. Plus you don’t want us telling you what to do with your dick. Why do you get to tell us what to do with our uterus? Especially when you cringe if and when we go into the gory details of what having a uterus entails?

I am horrified by what is going on in Texas. And if you are a woman who is not, then I question your womanhood.

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