Reflecting on White Fragility – Concluding Thoughts

I spent several weeks going through this book and reflecting on it. I would often stop and jot thoughts or memories that were triggered by what I was reading. Sometimes, those thoughts would evolve the more that I read through the book. And some of those ended up as my honest blog posts that perhaps you have been following.

One of my biggest takeaways is that our work in this area is never done. We need to continue to educate ourselves, to learn more, to have more conversations, and to continue to look within. I was struck with the frequency with which Robin Diangelo commented that she still has struggles, even after doing this work for 25 years.

One could interpret that in a defeatist way. 25 years of antiracism work and you still don’t always get it right? I, on the other hand, found it inspirational. We are all human. We all make mistakes. And yet, we can continue to learn from those mistakes. We can still work toward making a change within ourselves and society.

She leaves us with a set of resources to further our education. I already had a strong list started from all of my online reading that I do, but found even more to add. I know I will probably reread this book. I have new titles on order. I follow other websites and blogs and keep reading new articles. I have even started attending some webinars.

I do fear that some people are already giving up. There was a huge rush to order this book after George Floyd. The topic was in my feed daily. Now I rarely hear about it.

I also admit that I feel like my own posting has been slowing. I found hundreds of resources when I started all of this and had to space them out more in my social media scheduler. That scheduler is looking kind of empty, so I know it is time to ramp it up again. I will.

And I hope that you will, too. I want to thank anyone who has taken the time to read any of my thoughts. I want to thank those who have engaged in a productive dialogue with me. My goal has been to share insights I have obtained, to acknowledge my own faults, and to encourage dialogue.

I’ll be back soon with my reflections on another title.

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