My COVID Chronicles: 20 Weeks and the Second Shot

This past weekend marked 20 weeks since I first showed symptoms of COVID. And what a long 20 weeks it has been. That translates to half a pregnancy. Only the birthing taking place for me is strictly in the written form and hopes for a complete recovery.

As far as recovery from that goes, I continue to improve, but had a rough few weeks. I couldn’t pinpoint if it was adjusted meds, the first vaccine, or a long hauler issue, or maybe even a bug, but was having a horrible gastro bout where we’ll just say that everything I ate was going right through me in an unpleasant way. I know I’ve lost weight, but that could also be due to the fact that I had been eating differently and moving around more anyway.

Quick interjection here – I am not seeking any kind of advice on this. I made some dietary adjustments and consulted with medical professionals and am doing much better now, thanks.

Now, of course, while all of this was going on, I had to get my second Pfizer dose. My best friend got hers on Monday. We met for an outdoor walk at the beach, and two hours later, she was exhausted. By that night, she had the fever and chills. Tuesday, she slept all day. I think she was relatively back to normal Thursday into Friday.

I got my jab Wednesday morning. Because I wasn’t sure how I would react this time, and based on how I felt after the first one, I made sure I had my important work done before leaving. (Thursdays are my Fridays.)

I felt fine all day Wednesday. I was just my usual tired from fighting with my cat over sleeping arrangements. I went to bed at a decent hour after taking some Tylenol PM. I didn’t even feel anything at the injection site. Good start.

Thursday morning, I cautiously opened my eyes. No pain, no fever, no chills. Good. I had a bit of a weather headache, which is typical at this time of year. I took Advil and went about my day, feeling unscathed.

By dinnertime, though, it was another story. My joints were starting to feel achy. Now, this happens on occasion by Thursday evening if I haven’t slept well and had a very pressing week. But I just knew it was the shot, because it was a very familiar feeling.

But the time I went to bed, I was utterly miserable. My joints burned. My muscles ached. My hands didn’t want to work right. I kept dropping things like the jar of peanut butter and my Kindle. I couldn’t control my crying and finally cried myself to sleep after taking Tylenol PM.

Friday, I just wanted to stay in bed, but I had work I needed to get done and all the laundry. When I would take my walking breaks, I felt like I was walking through water, though the joint and muscle pain was better. Both Friday and Saturday nights, I took Advil and Benadryl and slept off and on for about 11 hours each night. I kept things low key with a lot of reading and writing. I just noticed an increased thirst on Saturday. And by Monday morning I am feeling “normal” again.

But now it is done and I am better protected for a little while longer. I’m still glad that I did it. I hope you will, too. I’ll be sharing other thoughts soon.

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