Streaming Sunday: Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

You can’t have Valentine’s Day without watching Charlie Brown. I have been missing my Peanuts holiday specials, since I do not have Apple+ TV and all of them have moved over there. But lucky me, I am dogsitting for my friend this week, and she does have it. So I binge the crap out of everything she has available while I get my work done and play with my canine boyfriend. So I’m getting my fix with Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, and the day feels complete.

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Linus has a crush on his teacher. Sally is still madly in love with her Sweet Baboo and doesn’t understand that her love is unrequited. Lucy is aching for Schroeder. Snoopy is way too cool for school. And Charlie Brown is getting left out.

So it’s pretty much your usual Peanuts fun, just this time with a Valentine’s Day twist.

And I love every moment of it.

I even relate well to Charlie Brown because I often felt like the kid who wasn’t getting valentines, unless they were mandated by the teachers with that “Bring one for everyone” rule.

I think that’s part of the reason I adopted a new Valentine’s Day tradition in my classroom some years ago, but that’s another story.

Anyway, this one also reminds me of one of my favorite dates from so many years ago.

After Vince Guaraldi passed away, the torch was eventually passed to jazz musician David Benoit. In the early 2000s, he was touring and performing the music that Guaraldi had made famous, as well as newer music from the more recent specials. I knew I had to go and I went with my then best friend/boyfriend. It was magical and so much fun. I do recommend checking out his music as well.

So that is the highlight of my Valentine’s Day. And I’m actually okay with this. I hope you enjoyed yours!

P.S. You can still buy this one DVD from Amazon. The DVD also includes bonus Valentine’s Day specials for extra fun. I do own this. I just don’t have a working player at the moment. Click on the picture below to find out more.

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