365 Personal Development Tips: May Recap

We’re still here in a lockdown, at least definitely here in New York. Some places have been lifting restrictions early. Considering what happened downstate in the city, I don’t see that happening with us. And strangely, I am okay with that. I’d rather be safe than sorry. Plus I’ve been enjoying doing a lot of reflecting on myself and who I am. Join me by following some of these tips.

May 1Use the law of attraction to reach your personal development goals. Set clear intentions, visualize the outcome, do the work to achieve it and wait for it to happen.

May 2Believe you can achieve your personal development goal. If you believe you can change your situation, actions, events, life then you are halfway to achieving it.

May 3Develop the right mindset. Retrain your brain to change negative thoughts into positive ones through positive affirmations.

May 4Face your fears head on. For example, if you need to speak in front of a crowd, face the fear and do it. It gets easier the more you do it.

May 5Acknowledge your fears. Acknowledge you have the fear and know that it is real in your life.

May 6Set a budget and live by it. Don’t spend more than you make. If you think you want something, wait a few days to see if you still do after that. If it fits in your budget get it. If not wait until you save up for it.

May 7Take control of your financial health. Meet with a financial planner if necessary. Figure out your spending habits and determine what needs to change. Then make those changes.

May 8Set up a savings plan. Make a plan to set aside a specific amount into savings for future needs.

May 9Declutter your mind. What clutters your mind? Are you worrying all the time about something? Do you have too many things to do? Do a brain dump. Write down everything on a notepad.

May 10Declutter your schedule. Do you have too many activities to attend to? Are the kids participating in everything after school while you belong to too many organizations? Try to keep it to one or two activities each you enjoy the most.

May 11Declutter your finances. Get rid of memberships you no longer use. Cut out the extras on your cell phone service or the cable tv you never watch

May 12Let it go. Are you hanging onto things that are cluttering up your life for sentimental reasons? Decide what really makes you happy and get rid of the rest. Take a photo of it if you want to remember it.

May 13Get organized. Create a place for everything in your home. This way you spend less time looking for things, you’ll spend less on replacing things you already have and your home will feel less cluttered.

May 14Reflect at the end of the day on what you have accomplished.

May 15Be honest with yourself and others.

May 16Create a strong regimen for change. Creating new healthier habits takes time and persistence.

May 17Find others to train with who will push you to make the changes you want.

May 18Measure your progress. Find some way to measure your progress towards what you are trying to change. Seeing your progress builds your confidence to continue making changes.

May 19Be consistent. Self-development happens slowly and deliberately with work and being consistent.

May 20Start where you are now. Do something today towards your personal development goals.

May 21 Take baby steps. Break a big goal down into smaller steps that can be easily achieved.

May 22Embrace change.

May 23Know what you are going to change and what actions you will take to achieve the change.

May 24Be intentional. Whatever you intend becomes your reality.

May 25Challenge yourself. Set your self-development goal just out of reach.

May 26Follow your passion. Choose actions that really light you up.

May 27Take a new course. Join a course that improves your knowledge and skills.

May 28Create a room that inspires you. Your environment has an impact on how your feel and your mood. Create a living space that inspires you and makes you feel happy.

May 29Level up your skills by taking classes, practicing, and doing the act.

May 30Create a life handbook. It’s a book that contains the essentials on how you want to live life to the fullest. It includes your purpose, your values and goals in both personal and career.

May 31Write a letter to your future self. How do you see yourself in a year or five years from now? What can you do to start working to become that person?

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