365 Personal Development Tips: April Recap

It’s been another long month as we stay at home. I know I’ve had to do a lot of personal reflection to check myself and my attitude as I continue to navigate this “new normal.” (Anyone else sick of that phrase?) But even though many of us are still at home, we can still do a lot to help ourselves. Maybe some of these tips will inspire you.

April 1 – Be a leader yourself. Teach, guide, help and inspire others to improve themselves.

April 2 – Avoid the media and pop culture. These are often filled with negative news and events that can depress you.

April 3 – Take care of your mental awareness. Read inspiring books, always be learning something new.

April 4 – Build relationships that matter. Good positive relationships are supportive and uplifting.

April 5 – Take care of your most important relationships. Listen, be open to, and show you care to the people who mean the most to you.

April 6 – Take on at least one new project a year that frightens you.

April 7 – Focus on improving at least one area of your life per quarter. It can be health, wealth, mindset, spirituality or career. Choose one thing to work on in one or more areas to change.

April 8 – Focus most of your energy on moving forward. The past can’t be changed. Instead focus on today and where you want to be.

April 9 – Seek out people who are better than you. You will learn and grow from them.

April 10 – Open your heart by practicing compassion. Allow yourself to be present for others in some way every day.

April 11 – Be practical. Take small action steps to achieve your personal development goals.

April 12 – Get the skills needed to make the changes. If you want to advance in your job, for instance, invest in the skills needed to move up.

April 13 – Take pride in yourself. Always look your best, do your best, and act your best.

April 14 – Make time for planning at the beginning and the end of your day. Take few minutes to go over your plans for the day. This keeps you organized and efficient.

April 15 – Use rewards in a healthy way when you achieve your goal. Reward yourself with a bubble bath when you’ve exercised every day for a week.

April 16 – Be more efficient by cooking with your slow cooker or Instant Pot. Preparing your meals this way saves you time and worry about what to fix for dinner.

April 17 – Take a class. A stress management class, for instance, can help you learn to deal with stress.

April 18 – Manage stress better. Learn and use techniques to help you deal with stress, reduce your stress, and use stress as a motivator.

April 19 – Reduce your stress. This can be getting rid of situations, people, or events that cause you stress.

April 20 – Laugh every day. Laughter relieves stress, signaling your body to relax.

April 21 – Spend time with your pets and loved ones when stressed. This relaxes you so you can let the worry go, at least for a while.

April 22 – Take part in activities within your community to develop social relationships.

April 23 – Nurture your spirituality. Spend time each day in personal reflection.

April 24 – Let your creativity out. Draw, paint, journal, crochet or knit to help you gain confidence in your skills.

April 25 – Be efficient by using a password manager. A password manager like RoboForm remembers your passwords so you don’t have to. You’ll be less frustrated and spend less time searching for and retrieving lost passwords.

April 26 – Visualize who you want to be and what you want your life to be.  Think about what it would feel like if you made the changes you want. How does it look?

April 27 – Build your inner strength. Inner strength helps build confidence. When you have inner strength, you can power through tough situations like a car accident or a pink slip at work.

April 28 – Go after what you want. Do you want to change your position at work or pursue a new career? Begin taking steps to make those changes. Ask about higher positions at work. Look into what you need to do to be in the career you want.

April 29 – Ask for what you want. For example, maybe you think you should be making more in your current job. Present an argument backed up with facts and figures to your superiors.

April 30 – Get more education to perform better at work, go for your dream job, or change careers.

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