365 Personal Development Tips: March Recap

March of 2020 brought about a new kind of world for us. Many of us are stuck at home due to shelter-in-place regulations passed down from the government as we strive to stop the spread of COVID-19. We are struggling with our regular routines being disrupted in this new reality. In a way, though, it is a good thing, because it can give us a chance to reflect on ourselves and who we really are. And maybe you will be inspired to make some changes. Here are the tips from March. See what speaks to you.

March 1 – Learn to play chess or other challenging games. Challenging games build focus, strengthen your mind and cognitive skills.

March 2 – Let go of the past and move forward with your dreams.

March 3 – Don’t spend time on stuff that doesn’t matter. Stop mindlessly surfing the internet, watching TV, trolling social media or playing computer games.

March 4 – Quit procrastinating. It’s keeping you from achieving your goals, dreams and improving yourself.

March 5 – Read personal development articles or book chapters daily.

March 6 – Load up on whole grains, fresh foods and water when stressed.

March 7 – Change the way you talk and think. Stop complaining and saying negative things.

March 8 – Do yoga. Yoga relaxes the body and mind relieving symptoms of stress.

March 9 – Identify and live by your values.

March 10 – Develop a growth mindset.

March 11 – Focus on your strengths. This boosts your improvement by accentuating your positives which gives you confidence.

March 12 – Practice changing something about yourself until it happens.

March 13 – Accept yourself and your body as you are. Accept that you deserve to change.

March 14 – Take responsibility for everything that happens to you. Stop blaming circumstances and other people.

March 15 – Take action steps toward your personal development goal. If you want to be more social, join some groups. If you want to lose weight, join a walking club.

March 16 – Recall small successes you’ve had. Realizing you have made progress builds confidence to continue making changes.

March 17 – Use laser focus. Focus on the thing you want to change. Keep your mind on it constantly. Don’t veer off course when it gets tough.

March 18 – If you are a spiritual person, practice it daily.

March 19 – Set short term realistic goals. It’s easier to see progress when you set shorter goals. For instance, if you want to lose 50 pounds total, set a shorter goal of losing 10 pounds in two months.

March 20 – Know yourself. You need to know exactly who you are to move to the next level.

March 21 – Hire a mentor. Find someone who is doing, acting, being the kind of person you want to be and hire them to help you make changes.

March 22 – Spend time with your closest friends. Downtime away from work with people who make your laugh, understand you and want you to be happy boosts your confidence.

March 23 – Drink your tea or coffee mindfully every day.

March 24 – Get out in nature to observe your surroundings before you start your day if possible. Listen to the sounds, feel the breeze, and really take in the outdoor air.

March 25 – Be present in the moment. Feel the warmth of the water, the smell of the soap when doing the dishes, for instance. If you are in a conversation with someone, really listen to what they are saying.

March 26 – Make a choice. You always have a choice in how you feel.

March 27 – Listen to others. You gain knowledge you may not have known when you listen to the perspectives of others.

March 28 – Leave work at work. Don’t bring your work home with you. This is especially difficult if you are passionate about your job or you work from home.

March 29 – Show interest in other people. Their experiences and accomplishments can benefit you.

March 30 – Try to do your best at whatever you are doing.

March 31 – Surround yourself with leaders. Leaders inspire you to make changes and be your best self.

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