365 Personal Development Tips: January Recap

I think a lot of us are pretty regularly in the process of trying to improve ourselves. We especially think of it at the beginning of a new year, because the fresh calendar always feels like a fresh start. Here is a recap of the daily suggestions for the month of January. Choose the ones that speak to you the most and work on those areas first. Consider journaling to help you along the way. And remember to be kind to yourself as you go along your path.

January 1 – Take time for yourself. It gives you time to refresh and recharge.

January 2 – Set aside time to exercise every day. Exercise improves your memory, gives you better concentration, and a positive attitude in addition to improving your health and body.

January 3 – Keep a diary or journal. You can learn more about yourself while seeing patterns in your behavior you may want to change.

January 4 – Keep a gratitude journal, especially when stressed and overwhelmed. Write down your feelings, even the negative ones. Turn those feelings into a more positive spin with what you are grateful for about the situation, feelings or event.

January 5 – Invest in yourself. Attend conferences, organizations, volunteer, read books and continue your education.

January 6 – Vent by sharing anything that is bringing you down that day. Air it out right away to keep it from being a distraction.

January 7 – Get enough sleep. A healthy amount of sleep improves creativity, lowers stress, decreases depression and improves your attention.

January 8 – Travel when you can. Traveling can lead to personal development by improving your communication skills, inspiring your creativity, and give you an appreciation of everything in your life.

January 9 – Try new foods. Try foods from different cuisines you normally would consider.

January 10 – Do something every day that puts you out of your comfort zone. Talk to a stranger or reach out to someone about your dream job. Getting out of your comfort zone helps you grow and open doors and opportunities for yourself.

January 11 – Read something you normally wouldn’t. Maybe you’re an avid mystery novel reader because they entertain you. Instead choose a book that informs, educates or enlightens you.

January 12 – Take up a new hobby. Learning a new hobby and skill is fun and fulfilling. This makes you a more interesting person and challenges your brain to learn something different.

January 13 – Be kind to everyone you come in contact with. Kindness involves the presence of empathy.

January 14 – Smile even if you don’t feel like it. Smiling tricks your brain into thinking you’re happy.

January 15 – Associate with positive people. Your attitude is directly affected by those who you spend the most time with.

January 16 – Keep a positive attitude. Your day is affected by your attitude. If you are sour and negative your day will be the same.

January 17 – Be the person you envision yourself to be. Be who you want to be, the one reaching for the goals, takes risks or faces challenges with grace.

January 18 – Plant a garden. Growing your own food means healthier food for a healthier body.

January 19 – Declutter your space. Keep only the things you need or really love. Clutter can add to stress, drain your finances and make you feel overwhelmed.

January 20 – Listen to uplifting music. The right kind of music will boost your adrenaline and change your brain waves.

January 21 – Get organized. Set up a filing system, use a calendar and throw out unnecessary stuff.

January 22 – Become more efficient. Use tools and software to help you streamline your work and tasks.

January 23 – Go on a time diet. Chunk your time into specific time frames to do certain tasks.

January 24 – Go on a money diet. Spend only on what you absolutely need for a month. This will show you how you actually need to live to be happy.

January 25 – Remember that nothing is permanent. Bad things will pass the same as good things pass.

January 26 – If you are unhappy with your job or situation, do something about it.

January 27 – Loosen up and laugh. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

January 28 – Focus on your breathing. Deep breathing is a type of meditation that helps you relax.

January 29 – Be more efficient by using your cellphone timer. Use it to time tasks such as running errands or making phone calls.

January 30 – Use technology to be more efficient. Use software for reminders for appointments, tasks that you need to complete or for birthdays. Set up apps to pay your bills automatically.

January 31 – Get help. Hire people to do tasks you don’t like to do or can’t do. Hire someone to clean your home once a month. Outsource parts of projects or hire a virtual assistant to free up your time.

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